Database Design Tool

The Database Design Tool (DB-Tool) fulfils the need to capture the meta-model as well as various physical implementations of FIDM™ in different Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS), e.g. DB2™, Oracle™ or MS-Access™. This tool generates Data Definition Language (DDL) for the different RDBMS. It is able to capture data models from any domain.
As a core part of the FIST-ToolKit suite, the DB-Tool is proven of value for:

  • Documentation and implementation of the FIDM-Releases, the tool supports versioned models
  • Modelling of target databases for feed processing
  • Modelling of databases of related domains for integrating the methods of validation
  • Active documentation of adaptations and enhancements of data models and their implementation
  • Generating DDL for tables, indexes, table spaces and constraints of the implemented target databases in DB2™, Oracle™ or MS-Access™ (other RDBMS can be supported on request)
  • Migration of database implementations between DB2™, ORACLE™ and MS-Access™ (other RDBMS can be supported on request).